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22 giugno | 17:00

Convegno interdisciplinare in italiano e inglese


“il Fiorino d’Oro”  – Mary Beckinsale, storica d’arte

“San Giovanni eburneo”  –  Bettina Schindler, restauratrice 


Evento Multimediale
Ritorno a Casa: la storia della camera Borgherini

Artista: Alessandro Vannini
Relatore: John Hoenig
Musicista: Elisa Malatesti 

“il Fiorino d’Oro”

Mary Beckinsale, storica d’arte

This lecture outlines the origins of the Florentine coin “the golden florin” of 1252 and examines the impact of the originality of the Florentine Republic’s decision to mint a standard currency. The visual iconography of the coin as well as its future economic and social importance in Florence over time is also explored, placing the ‘fiorino d’oro’ in a much broader historic context.

 “San Giovanni eburneo”

Bettina Schindler, restauratrice

The “Capsella Samagher” from the 5th century, as one of the rare ivory carved expressions of the time, is one of the few conserved results of the Edict of Theodosius of 395 AC. The Agnus Dei representation introduces the representations of Saint John, followed by late empire, medieval and gothic ivories where the reading of his presence is possible in the Stories of Jesus. Finally, after the Renaissance, the human being in the center of the attention, he is carved in ivory as a child, together with Mary and Jesus, then as the adult during the Crucifiction and the mourning during the Deposition from the Cross.  Peculiar aspects during various epoques considering also conservation and restoration will be explained by a technician, more than an art historian.

Ritorno a Casa: la storia della camera Borgherini


Evento Multimediale

Artista: Alessandro Vannini
Relatore: John Hoenig
Musicista: Elisa Malatesti 

Illustrated lecture with live music by Elisa Malatesti, harp & voice and new designs by Alessandro Vannini. A site-specific event held in the very rooms where the original paintings commissioned from Andera del Sarto, Bacchiacca, Francesco Granacci and Pontormo where displayed for the Borgherini wedding chamber in 1515.

Based on an original concept by Alessandro Vannini and Massimo Pivetti.


Bettina Schindler
Mary Beckinsale
John Hoenig
Alessandro Vannini
Elisa Malatesti
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